FULL Low Noise Air Compressors

FULL Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1970. Product FULL low, high, ultrahigh air compressor machine sells in Taiwan and everywhere around the world, the quality and the post-sale service is the foundation to our goal. Special heavy-caliber design that attracts the discharge valve, not easy to be broken, revolving sound is extremely low, high air exhaustion rate, air cylinder enlarges the cylinder cover or cap radiator fin, best effect on heat cooling, using high quality materials that enlarges the crank, process through high frequency wave, high-quality aluminum alloys pistons for the first section, and high-quality cast iron pistons for the second section.

All types of FULL Air Compressors, uses the low rotation specification, the sound of the revolution is small, low temperature, hard to wear down and heat-resisting, lengthens the material replacement time, economical and saves energy as well.

A majority of FULL high, ultrahigh air compressor machine has an original creation of Air Water Filter, which can effectively prevent the crank case seep from the machine oil emulsification to bleach, which can seriously discard the air compressor.

FULL Air Compressors, Horse Power 1 ~20 HP, Pressure 8 ~ 70 kg/cm² low, high, ultrahigh machines, depending on the location for the different profession of the customer, using the actual amount needed, designing different function types, such as motor power, engine as well, like stationary type, motor type, platform type, box type, and can program into full automatic, semi automatic, or both, also it may work parallel with other machines at the same time or gradually starts the revolution.

Requesting high quality material for compressing the air, may install FULL Refrigerate Air Dryers, Compressed Air Filter, like the revertex projects, laser cutting, then you can match with the use of GOAL SUN PSA-N2 Gas Generator and N2 Booster Compressors.

Our company provides the client with the most complete package of air compressor system: Most Practical, Most Ideal, and Most Economical Design & Installment. Please contact us for more information!