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Company Profile


Established FULLJIHN Machinery Company.
The main business was fixing air compressor machines; also buying different components of the air compressor from the Kaoshiung harbor boats and re-sell it after complete makeover. Within six years period, we have sold and fixed thousands of air compressor machines, and gain numerous knowledge & valuable experiences through it.
The company name was changed to FULL Machinery Co., Ltd.
We also began to research & developed new types of air compressor machines.
We have our own production of air compressor machine under the brand name FULL.
1977 ~ 2003

Within these 25 years, we has produced 58 types of Compressors, 8 types of Refrigerate Air Dryers, 5 types of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators for pumping wheels, 12 types of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators for industrial use, 16 types of Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen Booster Compressors, which totals into 99 types.

PMD was also established, the service covers web creativity from strategic planning, visual design & programming development.
Established GOAL SUN Co., Ltd., which specialized the production of GOAL SUN Nitrogen Gas Generators and FULL Air Compressors as well as the local & overseas marketing sales.
From 2005 till this date
FULL’s Technical Professionalism and GOAL SUN’s Marketing Capability, partnering up with PMD’s Strategic Planning + Marketing Creativity, widens the Visibility of the Product, and fully brings the expansion of local & overseas market.